Sheng Nan identifies she loves Lu Jin at all and cannot sustain to possess him to go out of

Sheng Nan identifies she loves Lu Jin at all and cannot sustain to possess him to go out of

Li Guy desires Meng so you can fly back again to Suhai and you will report in order to the lady what Lu Jin has been doing around. As he appear, Lu Jin says to him that he is preparing to come back in order to Switzerland. Movie director Shen has the benefit of Sheng Nan the woman old occupations right back that have a beneficial increase. Zi Qian ‘s the hotel’s new General Manager. Sheng Nan assumes on she had this lady work back because of him regardless if the guy denies they.

Zhao Di informs Sheng Nan one Lu Jin and you will Meng is making to own Switzerland. She makes your a soups and this denotes like. Sheng Nan think she’s late when website visitors supports. However, Lu Jin and additionally misses his endeavor and you may instruct as he takes a great detour to take and pass by the the woman put. It satisfy once more during the channel.

Lu Jin stays within the Suhai however, Li Guy also comes up within their place. Whenever Sheng Nan provides Lu Jin a meal to help you amaze your, this woman is delivered in order to Li Kid just like the his deputy. Li Guy offers the girl information and you will food their while the a staff. Sheng Nan along with sees one Li Child has made Lu Jin a similar soups one this lady has brewed having your. She turns out whining and you will complaining so you can Zhao Di and you will Gao Quan A plus declines Lu Jin’s telephone call.

Lu Jin does not have any cravings having Li Man’s cooking but has actually Sheng Nan’s pie. The very next day, Li Child and you may Lu Jin search the hotel. Li Son asks Sheng Nan to arrange her or him a dessert. She upcoming questions the woman credentials because the she discovers the food discouraging. She uses brand new bowl as a way to allow her to discover one to she doesn’t complement to Lu Jin.

Event nine

Sheng Nan retorts that quality of the snacks are more extremely important than just compatibility and therefore belies the message you to the woman is young if you’re Li Child try dated. She storms out-of and sulks. Lu Jin says to the lady to not ever misinterpret Li People’s terms and conditions. They wind up arguing which have Sheng Nan telling Lu Jin you to he cannot be dining dos ladies’ preparing and that the guy belongs elsewhere instead of along with her. Lu Jin was not knowing regarding what the guy desires as their interest so you can her are and then make him be reluctant.

Li Child could well be making to own Switzerland the next day. She reminds Lu Jin My Transsexual DateВ org you to his mommy is getting old and you can the guy is going right back in the future. But Lu Jin discovers it tough to give up Sheng Nan. The guy moves in the across the street so you can the girl. This woman is astonished to see him. If you are she is delighted, she pretends to be indifferent.

Zi Qian drops from the and you will attracts Sheng Nan to attend a great cooking seminar from the a resort with the week-end. Lu Jin was jealous when Sheng Nan claims on going. She listings photos out of the girl and you can Zi Qian when they are available at location. She together with will not get a hold of Lu Jin’s phone calls. Lu Jin decides to look at the resort with Meng. They covertly follow Sheng Nan and you can Zi Qian to.

Sheng Nan becomes inebriated and you can Zi Qian sends this lady back to her space. Meng will pay a resorts teams to appear into the Sheng Nan’s room and you may declaration back again to them. However, Sheng Nan learns about this.

Event ten

Sheng Nan inquiries Lu Jin why he is at the resort. He offers some excuses however, cannot state it out noisy that he enjoys the girl. The guy only admits it whenever Sheng Nan asks him truly.

Sheng Nan has a tiff that have Cook Yu which feels this woman is getting covered by the latest management and hence, get away that have getting late. Zi Qian identifies your number of a leader chef tend to become considering an opponent. Most of the chefs might be expected to bring about a beneficial diet plan with the Chairwoman’s then meal. One that becomes selected gets the ability to feel brand new master.

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