All stupid stuff… Now that I am 60 and retired

All stupid stuff… Now that I am 60 and retired

Lol. you hit the nail on the head! When I was in my 20’s. I would get into altercations. All is good! Respect can go a long way! Now it’s more like rock, scissors, paper to resolve a issue! Loser buys the beer!

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First, remember you get what you give! The world isn’t perfect. Kindness and understanding go’s a long way. Always be willing to learn. The “Aloha Spirit” is still alive and well. Rent for 6 months and see what you think. You know when you leave, Your heart is broken. It is for you!

A fascinating read by Brian Burger in Living Hawaii, about the reasons you should NOT move to Hawaii. A lot of what was said was on the mark, but it calls for a little perspective. Yes, we need to go back to the overthrow of the legal government of Hawaii by a small band of white supremacists (look it up! S.S. Boston. But we actually need to go back before that. Hawaiian people have suffered endless indignities from white people from the United States, and it continues to this day. Have Hawaii people – of whatever background – had more than enough? Quick summary: Hawaii gained an instant reputation for its welcoming, tolerant, generous culture and its vigorous, capable people, having accomplished astonishing feats long before whites arrived: navigating long stretches of vast open ocean while Europeans were hugging the shoreline, creating state-of-the-art, incredibly prosperous kalo field systems and fishponds without western tools – while Europeans were living in disease-riddled hovels.

Under a united monarchy, Hawaii was the first to electrify its capitol and one of the earliest to achieve world-wide recognition as one the several nations among the nations of the earth, with treaties creating ties to some 80 other parts of the world. The indignities began when self-appointed missionaries descended upon the islands, foisting their version of a religion – which most of us have discarded by now – upon a proud and resilient culture. As a safe haven and re-provisioning port, Hawaii was subjected to western diseases, reducing the population in successive pandemics to 10% of its original vigor. Merchants swept in on the heels of that, confiscating and buying up land for cents on the dollar. Sugar planters created an indentured servitude among people it had to bring from foreign lands.

In its weakened state, the Hawaii government, supported by a huge proportion of the citizenry, petitioned the President for redress, but were abandoned by imperialist American Senators

While these people formed a multi-ethnic culture built upon the Hawaiian culture, a classic and robust creole culture, they were left in perpetual poverty while the white merchants took over everything, outlawing the Hawaiian language and suppressing its culture. By the time of the overthrow of Hawaii’s legitimate and U. S.-recognized government, Hawaii’s powerful army was also reduced to a shadow of its former self, badly outnumbered and outgunned. The United States, not surprisingly, abrogated its agreements with Hawaii. What proceeded from there has been illegal by accepted international standards every step of the way, including the fraudulent “Statehood” vote.

President Clinton said “Sorry”? Under United States occupation, the islands are incapable of controlling our borders and real estate. S. control, this “paradise” has attracted the rich from both sides of the Pacific, dominating economic development and prostituting local leadership. Rich people from elsewhere have made a habit of buying up Hawaii land, pricing out local families. Development is ruled by big money from elsewhere, with the profits flying back to other shores, not invested in Hawaii’s welcoming society. We see a net drain of local families priced out of their homeland, being replaced by foreigners who do not know the history, the culture, the limitations of its small size, the vulnerability of its native species, and do not seem to give a damn.

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